Let’s Talk about Mental Health

Homelessness and mental health often go hand in hand. Over two thirds of homeless people are affected and common symptoms include depression, anxiety and paranoia. Poor mental health can be the cause of someone’s homelessness, or it can develop from the trauma of sleeping rough.

These conditions make people incredibly vulnerable and often stop individuals from getting the help they desperately need.

What we do to help?
We have a mental health team who go out on targeted street shifts across Westminster, sometimes accompanied by a Doctor, to check in on vulnerable rough sleepers and encourage them to come to our centre. Street teams persist with people who do not want to engage or who may be afraid to accept help. Mental health is complex and recovery takes time but can include emotional support, medication to manage symptoms and improving well being through activity groups.

You can help!
We’re asking if you can hold a bake sale with friends and/or family to raise funds which will help homeless people restore their mental health. It’s easy and yummy way to make a difference!