Homeless dogs

a black labrador's face looking up
Dogs provide homeless people with companionship

Why do homeless people have dogs?
Dogs provide companionship as well as being loyal and non-judgmental. They also provide protection when people are sleeping out. It’s rare for someone to get a dog on the street. It’s more likely that people own a dog and then lose their accommodation.

How does The Connection help people with dogs?
We work with the Dogs Trust which has a specific homeless dog’s project and they will do micro chipping, vet appointments, injections and spaying for free. There’s also a project in Victoria which we refer people to because they’ll see dogs for free if someone has access to benefits.

How does being on the street affect dogs?
Dogs on the street are generally less healthy. It’s not the right environment for a dog. It’s busy, they don’t relax properly or get the same amount of exercise. We really encourage people to get their dogs checked out because they do have more health issues when they’re sleeping out.

Is it possible to re-home people with their pets?
Where possible we will always do our best to home people with their pets, but most accommodation types do not accept animals which can make options very limited. When this isn’t possible we will help people have their pet re-homed, which can be the best option for the animal, and can aid people’s move on from the street so that when they’re in secure housing they can look at getting a pet again.