Chosen Charity

If you are looking to partner your company with a highly regarded and inspiring local charity, then look no further.

Our Partnerships Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator will ensure a corporate partnership with The Connection is engaging, motivating and fun for all involved by delivering great fundraising and volunteering opportunities. Through partnering with The Connection you will help support people who are living on the edge in the heart of London, whilst at the same time meeting your own Corporate Social Responsibility objectives. Our partnerships are always mutually beneficial and we have a lot of diverse opportunities to offer.

By becoming a partner, you will receive:

  • Full access to the many volunteering opportunities on offer at The Connection, with full training given
  • Places in our selection of challenge events
  • Dedicated support for employee fundraising

We are also able to create engaging and informative online hubs for our corporate partnerships. These act as a place to centrally track the fundraising efforts of your staff; provide a running total; display information on upcoming events; and also volunteering opportunities open to staff.

A real connection to the cause
It is important to us to raise awareness of the complexities of homelessness with our corporate partners. To this end, we would welcome your employees into our centre at every opportunity to witness first-hand how your input is helping. This would give your staff the chance to meet beneficiaries and to hear their stories.
We could also arrange for themed awareness events in your office at which front-line staff and clients would be present. Our staff are highly specialised and would be able to deliver informative talks on a range of issues, including homelessness and physical disability; mental health; substance misuse; gambling addiction; migrant rights; coping with negative emotions; the role of art in recovery, and more. We also have a sister organisation, the Friends of The Connection, who provide speakers for events on a regular basis.

Making your donations tax-efficient
Recovering from homelessness is about much more than just providing shelter, food, and support into employment. It requires specialist and experienced workers who are trained in supporting vulnerable individuals. Our staff build up trust and provide dedicated and personalised support for people’s journeys away from homelessness.
Every year, The Connection must raise over £2 million to keep our specialist services for homeless people running. In these times of austerity, if you are able to either underwrite your staff fundraising, or make a company donation, this is by far the most effective and impactful way to support the charity and its beneficiaries. And giving a company donation to The Connection means that you can receive tax relief by deducting the amount donated from pre-tax profits at the end of the financial year.

Work For Good
We’ve teamed up with @Workfor_good who make it easy for businesses to donate a % of sales from a product or service to us.

We also help you shout about the good you do. Talking about your giving is a great way to connect with your clients, inspire your people and build a stronger brand. Member businesses display the Work for Good mark to show their values in action and inspire others to follow as part of a movement to transform business giving.

Please remember to use our referral code PR93QXEJ as they will donate 100% of your membership fee back to us! #sharesthelove