We are open throughout the winter period to help the most disadvantaged people in society get the support they need to recover

It’s not long until Christmas! We really need your support to spread the festive spirit, and make people’s lives better. Thank you in advance for your help.

Our service operates around the clock. As well as daily street outreach to help rough sleepers in from the cold, the centre welcomes in over 150 people every day for support. We provide immediate relief from homelessness with hot showers, clean clothes and hot meals right through to help with finding housing and something to do with activity groups, volunteering and work. On Christmas day we’re also open for a day of indulgence: Turkey roast with all the trimmings, Santa Claus with presents and lots of fun games. Here are some of the ways you can help change a person’s life this winter:

Buy much more than a hot meal for someone homeless
It’s quick to do, and only costs a fiver, but will give someone a hearty meal in the warmth and compassion of our centre which is priceless

Bring someone in from the cold with a night’s stay
Our emergency night centre is vital throughout the cold months. It prevents rough sleeping and helps people move into housing. On arrival everyone receives a hot meal, shower, their clothes cleaned and can chat to people about their problems.

Buy Christmas Cards
We have a range of designs which will delight friends & family. There’s also a tea-towel which illustrates our work with homeless people by artist Rosa Branson. If you prefer not to order online you can download our cstm_xmas_cards_2017.