Corporate Volunteering

Corporate partnerships add immense value to our work

Volunteering strengthens businesses, motivates employees, and makes a real difference in communities.

The Connection has a wide range of stimulating volunteering opportunities depending on what level of support you are able to provide to The Connection.

If you would like to learn more about volunteering with the Connection and get a better insight of our organisation, please feel free download our CORPORATE VOLUNTEER HANDBOOK.

We aim to build strong partnership that gives your staff the opportunities to take part in a range of flexible activities with us and provides meaningful and impactful support to the charity. Opportunities include:

Kitchen Volunteering

Recovery Programme Volunteering

Employability Support Volunteering

Employability Workshops Volunteering

The Big Sort

“I found the volunteering at The Connection to be an incredibly useful and rewarding experience. Our area has a lot of rough sleepers and it was great to see some familiar faces in a safe environment with access to food, services and support from The Connection. If you work in the area, this is a must!”

“Volunteering with The Connections in St Martins Field was really fun and a heart-warming experience. I loved chatting to the clients, helping them pick out the juiciest piece of chicken and making sure their tea was made just the way they liked it. The team were extremely friendly and helpful, and I would not hesitate to go back any time they needed additional support!”

Other Opportunities

For detailed information on any of the above, please email Sonja & Emmanuelle