Corporate Volunteering

Volunteering strengthens businesses, motivates employees, and makes a real difference in communities.

The Connection has a range of stimulating volunteering opportunities depending on what level of support you are able to provide to The Connection. Opportunities include:

Christmas Carol Singing

Kitchen Volunteering

Recovery Programme Volunteering

Employability Support Volunteering

Employability Workshops Volunteering

The Big Sort

Other Opportunities

Or, you can take our clients on a day out to remember!
Whether it’s a fascinating museum exhibition, a stroll in the beautiful Gardens at Kew, or a daring kayaking trip down the Thames – everyone loves a good day out!

  • How do we choose where to go?
  • You can either choose from one of our existing options below, or come up with your own. CDG Leisure organised their own, and took our clients on a fun open top bus ride around London, complete with quiz and a fish n chips lunch!

  • How many people can come?
  • This will depend on the venue and activity chosen. For the more popular activities, we might expect between 10 and 15 clients to sign up; so, for the best experience, the maximum staff group size is between 10 and 15.

  • Who organises and manages the day out?
  • Our Volunteer Manager, Lance Kuhn, will be able to organise your day out with you, and will be there to manage it on the day along with 1 or 2 members of The Connection’s staff team.

  • Are there any costs involved?
  • We ask that you please cover the costs of the day out, including entrance fee (if required), travel costs, lunch, and any activities or prizes for the day.

    A long-standing corporate partner, Annington very kindly treated our clients with a trip out to Kew Gardens last summer. Ian Hughes, Annington’s Group Treasurer, tells us how he thought it went:

    “In all honesty, we had doubts concerning the success of the day,” says Ian. “Would there be a low take up? What should we talk about? How would the day turn out?”
    “Our worries about low take-up were dismissed when we arrived – Angela (The Connection’s Day Centre Manager) told us they were oversubscribed with additional clients ready and waiting! On the way to Kew there was laughter and high spirits and there was never a time when I was concerned about what to talk about.”
    “At Kew we split into three teams to complete a quiz and everyone was very competitive! The highlight was lunch at the Pavilion Restaurant and it was clear that the clients were keen to fit into a normal environment; being able to choose what they wanted to eat and drink was a real bonus for them. You could see their confidence and self-esteem improving as the day progressed. In fact when it came to the prize giving everyone voiced their opinion concerning the accuracy of the judge’s answers!”
    “At the beginning of the day a couple of individuals made it known that they just wanted to stay for lunch and then depart, yet at the end of the day everyone was still with their teams and after the prize giving some stayed on to explore Kew Gardens further. They were so appreciative that they were being treated as equals with no other focus than enjoying a day out.”
    “There were many interesting characters with stories to share and one thing was clear – they only wished to share positive stories on how they are recovering. We all had a fabulous day and it was clear that everyone benefited.”

    For detailed information on any of the above, please email our Partnerships Assistant