Emergency Accommodation

Our Emergency Accommodation provides beds for up to 75 rough sleepers every night

Providing free, short-term accommodation to help keep people safe while we work with them

Our Emergency Accommodation provides beds for up to 75 rough sleepers to protect them from the dangers of sleeping out, with extra space available during severe weather. It’s open every night of the year.

Rough sleepers are referred in by our day centre or outreach teams, or by one of the organisations we work with, like The Passage , St Mungo’s and Great Chapel Street Medical Centre.

When someone accesses the Emergency Accommodation for the first time, they receive an induction and a tour round the building. They also speak to a member of staff to get an idea of what their long-term goals are and how we can help them to get off the streets for good.

Emergency accommodation gives people the security, space and resources they need to begin their journey away from the sleeping rough. On arrival people can have something hot to eat, wash their clothes, shower, watch films or use the computers, and of course and sleep somewhere safe and warm.

Experienced staff are always on hand to help, chat to clients and encourage them to access other services in the building which they might enjoy or which could be helpful to them. This could be attending an activity workshop to gain new skills, medical appointments or getting support to find work with our in-house employment & training provision. This is part of our strengths-based approach, which is integral to everything we do. Our services are all designed to help clients to recognise their strengths and talents, improve their wellbeing, learn new skills and increase their confidence – a process which is vital on their journey towards recovery.

How can I access the Emergency Accommodation?

Access to our Emergency Accommodation is by referral only. If you would like to find out more about Emergency Accommodation, please contact info@cstm.org.uk.

If you are concerned about a rough sleeper, or are rough sleeping yourself, you can always contact StreetLink on 0300 500 0914, via the StreetLink app, on Twitter @Tell_StreetLink or online at https://www.streetlink.org.uk/. StreetLink connects rough sleepers to services in their local area.

Paul manages our Emergency Accommodation and welcomes up to 75 rough sleepers every night

Meet Paul

Paul manages The Connection’s Emergency Accommodation. Here, he explains a bit more about how valuable it is and what he enjoys most about the job.

How you can help…

Just £5 could buy someone a shower, hot meal and their clothes cleaned. To donate, please click here.

£40 could buy a night’s stay, helping to keep someone safe, warm and off the streets. To buy a night’s stay, please click here.