Food Glorious Food!

We all love food but preparing homemade meals for over 150 people a day with a team of 3 is quite another task altogether!

Richard, Head Chef, runs the kitchen like it’s a military operation. Here he tells us more about what his job involves

What’s a usual day?
We’re in at 7.30am and get started on breakfast for when the centre opens at 9.00am. We also have to make sure that lunch is on the go and that meals are prepared for our night centre.

Why is food important?
We see a real change in people when they’ve eaten and it’s lovely when clients express how much they enjoyed it. Someone once said to me: “my mother couldn’t have done it better.”

What else do you do?
We make food for all kinds of things. Events here, like the art show; food parcels for when people move into their new home or buffets for the activity groups.

Foodie Facts
– We spend £4,000 a year on bread
– We get through 150 eggs a week
– We get through 82 litres of tea/coffee a day
– We serve 20,000 lunches a year
– We spend £60 a week on potatoes