Fundraise for homeless people

pink, yellow and green icing cupcakes in a brown box
Fundraise in the community through a bake sale by selling cakes

Reach out to your friends, family, work colleagues and local community through fun activities, like bake sales and raffles which raise small amounts of money quickly, and help promote our cause too!

We can provide you with leaflets, branded t-shirts and online support through Facebook and Twitter

Bake Off Kit
With every slice of sponge, every smattering of buttercream, and every soggy bottom, you will be helping homeless people into accommodation, employment and a brighter future. Download your kit today!

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  2. Poster
  3. Bunting
  4. Tags
  5. Tasting Tokens
  6. Scoring Sheets
  7. Results Sheets

Lunchbox Auction Kit
Tired of ham sandwiches and last night’s leftovers? Brighten up your lunchtime by bidding for the lunch you really want with our Lunchbox Auction Kit – download yours today!

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Some more ideas to get you started…

  • Set yourself a target – it’s proven that fundraisers who do this raise more
  • Alongside collecting cash, you can set up an online fundraising page as many people will prefer to make an online donation. Attach the URL to your email signature, send it out on social media, and have it to hand at any fundraisers you hold
  • Hold a ‘Lunchbox Auction’ – everyone brings in lunch, pools their lunchboxes, and then bids for the one they want the most!
  • Hold a sweepstake and donate the winnings. Place bets on sports tournaments, soap plot-lines, the Top Forty music chart, anything that takes your fancy!
  • Ask your colleagues to bring in photos of themselves as babies for a Who’s Who and charge per guess
  • Give up an expensive habit (your takeaway coffee in the morning, buying lunch out each day, or that one extra pint in the pub) and donate the money you save
  • Throw a dinner party and ask your guests to donate what they would have paid for your meal in a restaurant
  • Organise a games tournament – the obvious choice here is poker, but you could pick cards, pub games such as pool or darts, board games such as monopoly, or electronic console games!
  • Keep asking people to get involved, or to simply make a donation – people are busy and often won’t get around to supporting you until the third or fourth time they’re asked!
  • And finally, when you hit your target, hold an ‘I DID IT’ evening with friends/lunch at work. You can celebrate your achievement and bring in some last minute funds!
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    For support with any of the above ideas, or to discuss an idea of your own, contact our team on
    T: 02077665555