Help a rough sleeper off the streets before winter

Homelessness never takes a holiday and people find themselves in crisis throughout the year. Homelessness is rising because of sanctions to benefits, fewer affordable homes and less specialist support services available.

This summer your vital support will help people like Vipul, who is no longer on the streets and excited about what his future. Here’s his story:

a man wearing a blue t-shirt sat at a computer
Vipul: “I have new hope.”

“My name is Vipul. I was alcoholic and homeless without any support, mentally ill, physically ill, I even lost my ID too. When I came to your service I lost my confidence and I even try to commit suicide, but when I told my situation to your staff at the Connection they take my case in their hands and how they have changed my life, it is unbelievable! In the last 10 month they’ve looked after me as their family member. Because of their hard work now I’m non-alcoholic, I have my own accommodation. I’m healing my sickness. I have new hope.”

Sleeping out is very harmful to people’s mental and physical health. Getting to someone quickly works – 68% of new rough sleepers found by our Street Outreach team did not spend more than one night on the streets. Act now and you will make a real difference to someone’s life, so they don’t have to endure the winter months homeless.
Thank you.