How we support people

We work with clients to find out what support they need to get back on track...

Working out the right path for our clients

Day services are often people’s first point of contact with The Connection. At our resource centre in Adelaide Street, people who are rough sleeping are offered a combination of support and access to practical services including showers and laundry facilities, hot meals, and access to telephones and computers. On-site appointments are also available with nurses and a podiatrist.

The warm welcome and practical help provided by the resource centre team is a starting point for building a relationship which enables us to support people in their journey from the streets.

Providing hot food and clean clothes improves how people feel so they are in a better position to work with us, and take the necessary steps to address the underlying causes of their homelessness. These essential services are integrated with a package of assessment and support which can facilitate lasting change.

We work with people to access the services they need to move towards recovery. Our service includes advocacy, advice, support and more, to enable each person to achieve their goals and get back on their feet.

Everyone coming to the resource centre sits down with a member of the Triage and Brief Intervention (TBI) team to discuss what they want to achieve and what they need. Based on this, the TBI team will identify with people which path and level of support is right for them.

We offer two levels of support, each of which is tailored to an individual’s situation and aspirations:
Short-term support and advice – helping people to search for and get into work and access accommodation, linking into other services which people to move away from the streets – and offering access to opportunities that help people to build the skills, confidence and resilience to recover from homelessness.

Longer term, more intensive support – for people who are rough sleeping and may also have mental health issues, physical health issues or harmful substance use. We enable people to access the full range of support services delivered on and off site as well as our recovery and opportunities programme. We work intensively with people at their own pace – supporting them to recognise their own strengths, recover from crisis and move away from the streets for good.

Experienced staff are always on hand to support people to access other services which aid their recovery. This could be a referral to receive migration advice, or work with the specialist Housing & Resettlement team, taking part in our recovery and opportunities programme to gain new skills, linking into medical services or getting support to find work.