New Year’s Resolutions

a team of 6 people wearing branded blue t-shirts and running shoes
Run to the Beat 10K race

Are you looking for a way to help homeless people in 2017? We’ve got lots of ideas (some easy, some not so) that you could do to help:

1. Sign up to a challenge event. Giving yourself a goal and hopefully shedding those inevitable festive pounds. All of our events are listed here – ranging from trekking to marathons to cycling.

2. None of these take your fancy or perhaps you’ve already signed up to something? You could do whatever you want and pick us as your charity! Whatever it is – 5k, 10k, Tough Mudder!

3. Challenge events not your thing? You could run a cake and coffee morning in your office. Find out more here.

4. Want to make a small change each day? You can help by making a small lifestyle change: stop buying that takeaway coffee every morning on the way to work or start bringing your own lunch in. If you spend £2 on a coffee each morning that’s around £40 a month.
£40 could provide a comprehensive mental health assessment for someone who is in crisis on the streets.

5. Get yourself a piggy bank and every time you get a certain coin pop it in. Could be 20p’s, 50p’s, £2 coins – whatever you want. At the end of the year, crack it open and donate it. You won’t even notice the difference. £2 a week for a year is £104.
£100 could give someone homeless two nights in the warmth and safety of our emergency Night Centre, with showers, hot nutritious food, and a 1-2-1 support session with a keyworker.

Whatever you do, your support makes a real difference to the lives of homeless people.