News: Changes to opening times at Adelaide Street resource centre this week

The Connection at St Martin's front door
Welcome to The Connection at St Martin's resource centre near Trafalgar Square

Our resource centre at Adelaide Street is usually open 4 days a week and closed on Wednesday. From 28 June, there will be some temporary changes to opening times as follows:
• Monday 28 June – 9am-12.15pm: Temporarily closed for staff training
• Monday 28 June – 1.30-4pm: Open
• Tuesday 29 June – 9am-12.15pm: Open
• Tuesday 29 June – 1.30-4pm: Temporarily closed for staff training
• Wednesday 30 June – Closed as usual
• Thursday 1 July – 9am-12.15pm: Open
• Thursday 1 July – 1.30-4pm: Open by appointment only
• Friday 2 July – 9am-12.15pm: Open
• Friday 2 July – 1.30-4pm: Open by appointment only

To keep our service safe and in line with Covid-19 restrictions, we are still only able to allow 40 people into the building and run 2 daily sessions – one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Please be aware that the centre will be open for those who are rough sleeping only or unless you are known to us and have been asked to attend.

New timetable from 1 July:

From 1 July, the centre will open 4 mornings a week for self –referrals, 9am-12.15pm, every day except Wednesdays.

In the afternoons, we will be open for people who have a referral to enter the centre.

Once we’ve welcomed you into the centre, we will work together to find out more about you and what support you would like. Based on this, you will be offered the level of support best suited to you, and have the opportunity to access services here including:
• Food, showers & laundry facilities
• Access to nurses and other health services
• Support and casework
• Specialist advice from immigration and legal professionals
• Support targeted at alcohol or drug use
• A recovery and skills programme and support with employment and training