News: Emergency Hot Weather Appeal

The high temperatures we're experiencing are very dangerous for rough sleepers

The heatwave and the high temperatures are set to continue. Being homeless in this extreme weather is as dangerous as in winter. People on the street are at a high risk of life-threating dehydration and serious sunstroke.

We are taking extra measures to help.

Our team is on the streets giving out bottles of water, sun protection and sun burn treatment.

We are waking up people who have fallen asleep exposed to excessive sun and checking that they are ok.

We are working with our in-house NHS centre and calling emergency services where needed.
During the day, and at night, our centre is providing people with shelter from the heat, cold showers and light weight breathable t-shirts.

We are also encouraging people to drink extra water and keep out of the heat when they go outside.

We really need your help.

For just £8 you can buy a Stay Cool kit so people are protected from the sun.

Thank you so much for your support.