News: Fabio finds work!

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Marina works together with people so they reach their long term goals

Marina is a Senior Worker in our Employment & Training team and has recently helped Fabio find full time work. She describes how she worked with him to overcome language issues which were barriers to him attending interviews and securing employment.

Fabio first came to the Connection in 2016; his English skills were not very good and, to facilitate communication, I was asked to help with his initial assessment as I speak Italian. He’d lost his job of 20 years and it was obvious that Fabio was very motivated to find work in London as soon as possible.

I helped Fabio to draft a CV that he could take to local restaurants and hotels to apply for jobs as kitchen porters, or similar roles which require basic English skills. Within two weeks Fabio had secured a part-time job. This was a great start but not enough for Fabio as he was keen to find full time employment. He continued to attend Workspace regularly and was supported mainly by Alessio and myself because of the language barrier and we helped him enquire about possible full-time vacancies.
A few months later I was working with a busy grill/bar/restaurant in Covent Garden and the manager told me she was desperately looking for a reliable night cleaner/helper. I discussed this with Fabio, suggested he should go along for a chat and offered him a mock interview to help him prepare: he successfully negotiated the interview process and, to his delight he was offered a job shortly after!

Fabio has now worked for this place for 3 months: he tells me the work is hard but he is not complaining as it allows him to pay for a room and to help his wife and children. He is looking forward to his pay review after completing his trial period.

In the meantime, he has also started to attend English Skills classes at the Connection on Tuesday mornings and his language skills have improved in leaps and bounds!

Fabio says: “The staff is very important because I was homeless but I could come here, eat food and they could talk to me about jobs. I’m working in the night and I clean a restaurant. I am very happy because it’s possible to rent a room and I have a kitchen, bathroom and garden. The room is small but clean. I feel good and very happy”.