News: Free Legal Advice with Release

Release will be providing weekly free legal advice at our centre

With more and more homeless people needing advice and representation around legal matters we’re delighted to announce that we’re going to be working closely in partnership with Release – a charity with expertise on drugs and law – so people who use our service can receive free legal advice.

How does it work?
A legal advisor from Release will attend our centre one morning and afternoon every week and see an average of 8 people. In the rare case that they are unable to help they also work in partnership with organisations who provide specialist advice and support.

What will they be able to help with?
They will be able to help people with a range of legal issues including housing, homeless applications and reviews, welfare benefits, debt, crime, family, employment law, criminal injuries and compensation claims. They can help with broad range of issues excluding immigration advice.

This free service will help people understand their rights. The advantage of the service being in-house at our centre makes it convenient for people, and can help remove any fears people may have about discussing their situation and seeking help.