News: Gardening Project Blooms

Flowers and herbs have added colour and fragrance to the courtyard!

We all know that being surrounded by nature and spending time outdoors improves how you feel, so we were particularly delighted to have launched our gardening group in partnership with the Mayor of London and St Martin’s.

This weekly workshop – in St Martin’s courtyard, next to the church – is giving people the chance to learn useful gardening skills, like how to grow and look after plants. So far they have assembled and painted the planters, applied the fertiliser and potted the plants. The group will now keep them regularly watered and pruned so they continue to flourish.

The group took particular care to choose plants which would add bursts of colour with daffodils and petunias plus some fragrance with herbs like rosemary and sage. And the result: the space has been transformed and is attracting people and insects! The gardening group hope to build on what they’ve done so watch this space.

We caught up with a few of the gardeners to find out why they got involved:

Vipul “I’m looking at this one [plant] and something is created by me and it does look nice so I’m very happy.”

“It’s given me something to do because I was kind of getting bored not doing much so it got me out of the house. It’s great fun. It’s different and it’s quite relaxing actually and it takes your mind off stuff.”

“I used to be a gardener so I wanted to get a bit more gardening under my belt….and turning an area that’s grey all over to a bit of green is always nice to see.”

“Because I love nature so much and wanted to learn about botanical gardens.”

You can help give people the chance to garden or attend another of our groups by making a donation. Every donation makes a difference. Thank you.