News: Freezing cold- Thank you

White building with red front door and snow on the doorstep and a church in the distance
“This has saved my life, I woke up with a snow drift on my sleeping bag the other night.”

Thank you so much for helping homeless people in from the freezing cold weather of snow and ice last week.

We were very humbled by the fantastic response with people making donations, volunteering their time, donating warm clothing and helping people on the street get the support they need through Street Link. There were so many actions of kindness, too many to list them all, but each one made a big difference to people and showed how much you care.

We worked in partnership with Westminster City Council and Westminster homelessness services, including the Passage and West London Mission, to extend the provision which included 165 extra beds made available to people across the borough.

Your support helped us open our centre to rough sleepers in Westminster 24/7 for 72 hours.

During this time you helped hundreds of people stay warm and sheltered from the bitterly cold weather during the day. There were more meals prepared by our kitchen, clothes washed by our laundry and hot showers taken.

In the evening you helped people get a safe and warm night’s rest in our night centre. The number of beds was increased to accommodate 65+ people a night. There were more street outreach shifts operating throughout the evening to reach people earlier and encourage them to access shelter.

Sleeping rough is dangerous all year round but the extreme weather, and prolonged exposure to the cold, increases the risk of death. One of our clients who accessed our service during the severe weather says:
“This has saved my life, I woke up with a snow drift on my sleeping bag the other night.”

Thank you.

Your support really does change lives. By making a donation you’ll help support homeless people away from the streets throughout the year.