News: Livia Marin gives talk to homeless artists


Livia Marin, a London based Chilean artist, came in last week to give a wonderfully engaging presentation of her work to 10 clients who use our Art Room. Her talk took them all the way from how she first got involved in art to her most recent exhibitions across North and South America and the UK.

Livia spoke about the use of repetition and difference in ordinary objects, a theme which runs
throughout her work. She first starting to think about this when she saw the impact mass production and marketing where having on local producers in the markets near her home in Chile. She explained some of the ideas behind her works, and responded to some great questions from the audience about artistic techniques, intuition, and freedom.

One of the most striking images she showed us, from a series of sculptures called Nomad Patterns, shows a broken teapot with a Willow-type pattern (see picture above). Instead of hard broken fragments we saw a pool of melted porcelain with its pattern still intact on its surface. In another work The Sense of Repetition / El sentido de la repetición the viewer is surrounded by a narrow circular plinth with dozens of individually sculpted lipsticks arranged on it like a marching column or an assembly line.

A big thanks to Livia, who has agreed to stay in touch and will hopefully be returning to do a workshop for our clients. We look forward to it!