Corporate Partnerships

Working together breaks down stereotypes on both sides and builds a stronger community.

Work with us to build a better West End for everyone. The Connection at St Martin’s is here to be with people as they recover from life on the streets and move on to meaningful, fulfilling futures and a place to call home.

Make a difference in Westminster:

If, like us, you are based in Westminster you and your employees will be well aware of the significant numbers of people who rough sleep. We are based in the heart of the West End in central London and form part of the iconic St Martin’s in the Field site. By becoming one of our corporate partners you will be able to support your employees to:

  • Volunteer their time and work alongside people experiencing life on the streets.
  • See the difference a donation makes
  • Understand about what pressures force people to sleep rough.
  • Know what support is available for people and the difference between what we provide and what support the Government provides.
  • What our partners say:

    “It’s a win-win scenario. I’m helping, giving my professional skills and communication skills. And I feel a sense of peace when I’m volunteering, a kind of calmness. When it went away (during COVID) I missed it”

    “It was a great experience which I thoroughly enjoyed. I helped him to create a Facebook account, and when he logged in for the first time, Facebook showed him some people he might know. While looking through the long list, he spotted both his dad and his sister, which made him very happy. After 20 minutes or so his sister accepted his friend request and they started chatting online. He was so excited and thrilled to be speaking to his sister after so many years that we ended up giving him headphones, as it was quite loud! Seeing the joy on his face and the emotion that was present was very fulfilling.”

    If you’d like to find out more about a partnership with The Connection, please contact Lucy at

    If your company would like to donate, you can do so here:

    Our current partners include:

  • Coutts & Co
  • STASCO and SIL
  • Inter-Continental Exchange
  • Prudential
  • London Metal Exchange