Street Outreach

We have daily walking shifts to support people away from the streets

We work in partnership with specialist services to provide a daytime street outreach service which helps rough sleepers in central London find viable alternatives to rough sleeping.

The team goes out during the daytime checking on people’s welfare, providing advice, taking people to access relevant services, including mental health and substance misuse, for further support.

The time it takes for someone to move away from the street varies considerably and depends on the person’s individual circumstances. For instance, if someone is new to the streets this process can be relatively quick, but if someone has more complex mental health or substance misuse problems it can take much longer for a relationship of trust to be established, and for the person to willingly start addressing these issues and engaging with us. The Street Team’s role involves persisting with people who don’t know how to change their lives, or have the motivation to do so.

The team works in partnership with lots of specialist services including The Passage, Turning Point, Westminster Health Services, Westminster City Council and local hostels to help people access the support they need.

Worried about a rough sleeper?
If you see someone sleeping rough you can contact Street Link who will ensure the person is connected to local services so Street Team’s like ours finds them.