Joanne: "This is a new start to everything"
Joanne: "This is a new start to everything"

Our emergency Night Centre is able to accommodate 45 rough sleepers every night. People like Joanne, who ended up rough sleeping last year- her story shows us how quickly things can change. How quickly things can spiral down:

“It started, well at the beginning of last year, everything was good. I was a bus driver, living with my mum and my children. I’ve been with Darren for four years but he didn’t get on with my family. He got sent to prison in March last year, and I got depressed and ended up taking an overdose in May last year and this meant I lost my bus driving license. I tried to take my own life twice last year. When Darren came out prison my mum said to me I couldn’t stay there anymore. I thought she meant for just a few days. We had a little bit of money so we stayed in a B&B for a couple of days, but then the money ran out.”

Joanne and her partner found themselves sleeping rough on the streets of London. After four nights, our Outreach Worker’s found them and thanks to your donations we were able to put them in our emergency Night Centre. For the next few months Joanne stayed in the Night Centre, she was grateful for somewhere to stay but it wasn’t easy and she struggled with her drinking and developed cellulitis- which meant she found walking really hard, a real problem for someone with nowhere to go:

“With the overdose, the drinking, the cellulitis, having nowhere to live and having all the traumas of staying here. Staying here, it was absolutely brilliant.”

With your help Joanne is now housed again, not drinking and is feeling much more positive about the future:

“But without this place, I wouldn’t be where I am now; I’ve had to go through that to get out of the other side. And now I feel so much better and I’ve got a place. This is a new start to everything; I’m looking towards getting back to work.”