Nisha now runs her own courses in life coaching for wellbeing

When Nisha moved to London last year she faced bereavement, mental health issues, and homelessness. She found being in a new environment very challenging and realised she needed some help to get back on her feet.

Nisha says “I’d just moved to London and was going through mental health issues – anxiety and stuff. I felt like I wasn’t ready to get back into work and I needed some more support”.

Our employment advisor Marina spent time with Nisha, finding out what sort of employment she was interested in, and helping her to make steps towards it. Nisha attended a mental health open day, started an IT course and was signposted towards an initial teacher training qualification. When Nisha started a community radio show and was keen to evolve this into a TV show, Marina pointed her towards a community TV channel.

“I found just being able to speak to someone about my dreams and aspirations was helpful. You can speak to friends, but it’s different speaking to a professional about what you want to do and getting that support.”

Since visiting The Connection, Nisha has started running courses in life coaching for wellbeing – something she is very proud of. Her courses have been received very positively, which has given her the encouragement she needed to pursue teaching further. She’s also found it very touching to be able to help others and make an impact on their wellbeing. Nisha is now writing a book with the aim of helping others to cope with their mental health issues.

Of her time with The Connection, Nisha says ‘I’ve gone through quite a few major obstacles, and it is reaching out and getting support, being able to speak to someone like Marina – who you can speak to about your dreams and goals. I think if people who were vulnerable did that more and had dreams they would have hope and purpose, and something to live for’.

Nisha sees 2019 as a year of new beginnings and is very positive about her future. In addition to writing her book, she is working towards becoming a mentor for young people in schools and volunteers for a homeless charity. In the future Nisha hopes to develop her life coaching skills and work closely with charities that specialise in supporting sufferers of domestic and sexual abuse and those with mental health issues.