The Connection’s response to Covid-19

Clients remain our core focus moving forwards and we will continue to support clients the best way we can.

In this fast moving situation, we will keep updating this page regularly.

NB. Our day and night centres are now closed. This enables us to prioritise the health of our clients and staff. We are available by phone for any support that you may need. You can reach us on 020 77 66 5544.

We have also set up a special client website for anyone who needs advice or support – please visit You can also request to join our Client Support Group on Facebook here.

Finally, you can visit the Street Link website to access support.

How are we helping people during the Covid-19 pandemic?

The people that we work with, particularly people sleeping rough, often have long-term conditions and poor physical health which means that they are at a greater risk should they become ill. For those without a home, it is also very difficult to self-isolate.

In both our day and night centres, large numbers of people spend time in close proximity, posing the risk of extensive spread of Covid-19. By closing our regular services, and working towards alternative ways of supporting clients on an individual basis, we aim to do all that we can to keep people safe.

During this time, we have been working around the clock to help secure suitable accommodation for rough sleepers to help them to self-isolate and stay safe and well. So far, over 350 people in Westminster have been helped into hotels.

Our current priority is to work closely with Westminster Council and the Greater London Authority (GLA) to get vulnerable people who are currently sleeping rough into suitable accommodation where they can self-isolate and stay safe and well. So far, over 350 people in Westminster have been helped into hotels.

We are also preparing and delivering three meals a day for everyone, as well as delivering essentials like medication and toiletries.

We have also set up remote services so that our self-isolating clients can continue to receive the support that they need. We have provided phones to clients so that they can stay in touch, and we will continue to undertake case work for clients wherever possible. We are also checking in with people via daily phone calls, to make sure that they are OK during this unsettling time.

Watch our video below to find out more about how we are helping during the pandemic…