Event: Pilgrimage 2021

Join us for The Pilgrimage from St Martin’s to Canterbury in 2021!

It has been a meaningful tradition each year for the Connection at St Martins to host the Pilgrimage from St. Martin’s to Canterbury Cathedral in the 2nd May bank holiday weekend each year. This year, as the situation may not be turning back to absolute normal, we are asking people to walk the distance of the historic Pilgrimage- 74 miles- throughout August.

We will be running a ‘virtual’ pilgrimage throughout August, similar to last year. It means that you can walk and track your miles wherever you are during the month of August and join in when and how you like!

To help you clock up your final miles, we will also hold a one day walk on bank holiday Monday, 30th August from Charing in Kent to Canterbury Cathedral, the most iconic part, and what would traditionally be the last day of the Pilgrimage We’d love to see you there!

We will be implementing the up-to-date Government Guidelines and advice at the time of the event to make sure it is safe for all.

Do join us in this wonderful journey wherever you are! The Pilgrimage will be a remarkable journey and once you have done it, you will long to come next year……. And the next ……. And the next….. !!!

Virtual Pilgrimage
Like in 2020 there will be the Virtual Pilgrimage throughout August. If you would rather walk 74 miles locally and in your own time, which is the distance that we walk from St. Martin’s in London to Canterbury Cathedral.

We ask you to track using Strava Club or by sending written logs through to us by email so together we can accumulate as much milage as we can walk for.

Charing to Canterbury
If you’d like some motivation for your final miles with us we’re also organising a day walk on Monday 30th August from Charing in Kent to Canterbury Cathedral. Pilgrims can join us either in Charing (walking for 17.5 miles), in Boughton Aluph (walking for 11.5 miles) or in Chartham (walking for 3.5 miles). It is the same walk of the last day of our original pilgrimage, the best part of the whole journey- when we can celebrate the end together! Turn on your tracking and you can add this to your total August miles!

How will I be supported in taking part?

– You will get regular updates on where we are collectively in our Pilgrimage journey and where you’ve got to personally.
– We’d love for you to join us for some optional training walks throughout August organised by The Connection volunteers, which will be run for small groups.
– You will be invited to join the regular Zoom calls to meet the fellow pilgrims in August.
– For those joining the one day pilgrimage, we will provide all the essential supports of the day, including water and all meals from brunch to the takeaway supper on that day.
– You will be invited to celebrate the end of the Pilgrimage on 30th August with all virtual and day pilgrims in Canterbury Cathedral.
– You will receive a certificate at the end of the challenge celebrating your achievements.
– If you reach your fundraising target of £200 you will receive a 2021 Pilgrimage t-shirt (may be subject to delays)

Concessions are limited to 20 walkers, first-come, first-served. Concession rates are only for walkers with low incomes or financial support and are subsidised by The Connection. Please consider whether you can afford Early Bird or full rates when you book the place.

Sounds great, how do I get involved?

The Registration has now closed. You may want to support our clients to participant in the Pilgrimage here.

If you have any questions or to find out more please contact Eugene Ling, Pilgrimage Co-ordinator, on 020 7766 5555 or eugene.ling@cstm.org.uk or download the leaflet if you want to know more about our Pilgrimage before the Pandemmic.

Located in the heart of Westminster, we work in direct contact with vulnerable homeless rough sleepers all year round. Being a local organisation, we don’t have the overheads that others do, and can promise you that 91p in every £1 will be spent on helping homeless people. Walking for us means you will be directly supporting the homeless people who need your help most, through our services which enable people to access housing, employment training, and professional support to overcome personal issues.

Last year the Virtual Pilgrimage raised over £15,000 for our services, this year we hope to raise even more! For individuals wanting a target or an extra challenge, we are suggesting a target of £200 . We appreciate the support given from all of our walkers and fundraisers- so thank you!