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Poster Bakes is our social enterprise selling speciality vegan baking kits and sweet treats. Everything they produce is completely vegan and always lip-smackingly delicious. The profits all go directly towards continuing our work, helping people move away from the streets of London and towards a happier and more fulfilling future. Specifically, we will also be running kitchen classes for people who access our services, giving them the tools and knowledge to cook for themselves when they get the home they deserve.

Vegan Baking Kits
Baking Kits are back and this time launched in collaboration with London-based speciality tea company, Good and Proper Tea! They are going old school with their tea and biscuit kits and giving you the tools to host the perfect afternoon tea party, with all the ingredients and step-by-step instructions to make some of your favourite classic biscuits accompanied by a tea of your choosing!

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Vegan Pick and Mix
How good is pick’n’mix?! Well, why not get your sugar fix with us? Poster Bakes have just launched their very own range of pick and mix that can be delivered straight to your door. Even better, they are all vegan-friendly! With a wide variety of favourites to choose from, from the fruitiest gummies to the fizziest that can be found, there is something for everyone.

You can select your own or choose from one of their mouth-watering mixes. To add a little sweetness to your life, head on over to Poster Bakes to order yours today.

Sour Fruity Sweet Mix
A cup of breakfast tea surrounded by two plates of homebaked biscuits