Who we help

The Connection works with people who are rough sleeping in Westminster, who are from across the UK and abroad. Who we help is anyone facing homelessness- our services are inclusive and accessible to every age group, nationality and religion.

Life on the streets is dangerous. Many of the people we work with have experienced abuse, trauma, violence, exploitation and stigma. They may also find it hard to trust and accept support from services, particularly if they have had past interactions which didn’t work for them.

Being with people and building trust is a vital part of our job. We are flexible and treat everyone as an individual. We understand the traumatic impact rough sleeping can have and refuse to give up on people. The strength and quality of the connection between us and the people we work with is what sets us apart.

Listen to Robert and Aboko’s stories and find out about the fantastic work The Connection does to help people off the streets and towards their futures.

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