Activity Groups

We provide a range of activity groups which help people recover from homelessness.

The groups reduce isolation and encourage people to explore, or discover new interests which they enjoy. If you’d like to get involved, contact your key worker or email us

Learning new skills and being part of something does so much more than act as a respite from living on the streets. These activities help people process and recover from trauma in a comfortable environment. They give people a place to feel seen and heard after long periods of neglect.

It might not be the biggest step, but it’s still a significant step people take on their journey home with our support.

Our programme of groups and events includes:

We also had the chance to contribute to A City Full of Stories. This is an immersive audio experience which the people we support performed in.

The SoundWalk brings to life the imagined stories of the buildings and pathways that surround us. A City Full of Stories asks us to slow down, look around and listen…

This city is full of stories, many unseen and unheard. The windows and the bricks of buildings older than any of us: What have they seen? Who are the strangers that find themselves sitting next to each other on a bench? Where have they been and where are they going?  Who are the creatures that we share the city with?  What might the fox or the pigeon tell us if we took the time to listen?

To take part in the SoundWalk, visit St-Martin-in-the-Fields Church, pick up a leaflet and scan the QR code.