Who we support

The Connection supports people rough sleeping in Westminster to finding a place to call home.

Life on the streets is dangerous. Many of the people we work with have experienced abuse, violence, exploitation, and stigma while sleeping rough. The risk of facing these traumas is much greater for people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

69% of people in these situations report finding it hard to trust and accept support from services, particularly if they have had past interactions which didn’t work for them.

This is why we focus our work on supporting people with complex needs so no one is left behind.

In numbers

Who we support graphic - data breakdown

Beyond numbers, we get to know the people we support individually. Being with people and building trust is a vital part of our job.

We understand the traumatic impact rough sleeping can have and refuse to give up on people. Factors like abuse, isolation and living in a constant state of fear can all have long-term impacts which make it difficult to accept support.

This can make supporting someone complex and time-intensive. But the strength and quality of the connection between us and the people we work with is what sets us apart.

The people we work with often face multiple disadvantage. This can include gender, race, mental and physical health history, and being institutionalised. These can also combine and compound to affect homelessness experiences.

We recognise these groups may need additional support for their unique circumstances and offer a range of specialist services. We’re also flexible in our support and will always go the extra mile to meet someone’s needs, even if it means trying something out of the box.

Meet the people we support

Everyone we support has a unique story journey out of homelessness. Whatever circumstances they face, The Connection at St. Martin’s will be there to support them.