St Martin’s House

St. Martin’s House: safe housing and support for women experiencing rough sleeping in London

This is needed now more than ever; many women feel unsupported by traditional homelessness services which can prevent them from help.

Because of this, many women become trapped in a cycle of homelessness that’s hard to escape.

The Connection is on a mission to break this cycle.

That’s why St Martin’s House offers supported accommodation for women rough sleeping.

While living there, residents are supported in preparing for a more independent and stable future.

This can include access to therapy, employability training and more to make sure their next home is a permanent one.

This is making a huge difference for women like Lily:

Why is St. Martin’s House Important?

Sleeping rough is incredibly dangerous for anyone.

But, for women, life on the streets presents additional dangers. Research suggests that 25% of women sleeping rough have experienced sexual violence.

Many will also face issues around menstrual hygiene, caring for children and further threats of abuse.

These specific needs and vulnerabilities for women who are homeless often go unaddressed.

Additionally, many women will avoid homelessness services because they are sometimes perceived as ‘male spaces’.

This means their perceived as unsafe or not able to help women with their specific needs.

This includes temporary accommodation, like hostels, which can be vital in escaping the streets.

Without access to suitable, supportive and safe short-term housing, many struggle to recover from homelessness for years at a time.

St. Martin’s House fills this gap by offering support designed with and for women who’ve slept rough.

We support women sleeping rough by:

  • Safe and supportive environment: We provide a welcoming space where women can access essential services and rebuild their lives
  • Long-term support: We support residents to prepare for a stable future through therapy, employability training, and more.
  • See how here:

    How can I help?

    You can be a part of St. Martin’s House by supporting women, like Lily, as they move on to a more hopeful future.

    The best way to do this is to support the project directly by giving to 18 Keys.

    This campaign is collecting funds to build two more rooms so that we can support more women sleeping rough in London.