Other Ways to Support Us

There are lots of ways to get involved in our work and support people sleeping rough in London.

Here are just a few…


We’re always happy to welcome people to our centre! From serving food, to painting in the art room or helping out with events there are lots of ways to get involved and meet the people we work with.

man serving food in our kitchen

See what opportunities we have available here

Become a Friend

The Friends of The Connection is our sister charity which fundraise on our behalf. By joining the Friends with a suggested donation of £15 a year, you become part of a likeminded community who support the work of The Connection. As a Friend you are also given the opportunity to attend talks, volunteer and take part in fundraising activities to support our work.

Corporate Partnerships

If, like us, you are based in Westminster you and your employees will be well aware of the significant numbers of people who rough sleep in our local area.

It can be difficult to know how to help people we walk past everyday but by supporting The Connection, you’ll be able to make a real difference for people facing homelessness in London.

If you’d like to find out more about a partnership with The Connection, please click here.


We are supported by a wide range of funders. If you have links to a charitable trust or foundation and would like to know more about our work and/or current funding needs, please contact Maria Holmlund on maria.holmlund@cstm.org.uk.

Leaving a Legacy

We understand that when you are writing a Will, your family and loved ones will be your first priority. Once you have provided for those closest to you, you may consider including a gift to The Connection that could transform people’s lives for years to come.

If you would like to discuss legacies further with a member of our fundraising team please contact Taiana De Ruyck Soares on Taiana.DeRuyckSoares@cstm.org.uk.

The connection staff

Giving in Memory

Some families want to make sure that the memory of a loved one lives on. One wonderful and meaningful way you can do that is by supporting a cause that was dear to the heart of your loved one and their family by giving in their memory.


Gifting a donation of £5,000 or more could support our clients for years to come. To become a major donor for The Connection please email philanthropy@cstm.org.uk

However you choose to support us, you’ll become a valued part of The Connection community. Thank you.