Success stories

Our services are designed to help our clients move away from insecure living and forward in some way, whether it be a small step or a complete transformation of their lives.

Here are some success stories from people we have helped.


To be honest, I've never been in a place like this. I didn't kind of know what to expect...but the staff were incredible. They're incredibly patient. Everyone was so friendly.


At the time I was going through all the bad stuff, so my head was a bit all over the place ..I'm lucky enough, having been able to pull myself out of that dark place young enough that I've still got a chance.


The hope, the life change... at that moment, I was so happy...I know that when anybody gives money to St Martin-in-the-Fields, it’s being put to good use.


It's not easy to get rehab, because if you want to go into rehab you need to be clean for four weeks. Every Friday, they make you take a drug test. But it's not easy. Every time, I almost manage to do it. Almost.


Our existing relationship with Sara meant that our in-house psychologist could begin engaging with her in informal, small doses that felt safe to her

Michael B

It’s been very very good, not just for me, but for the rest of the people here. It has been good for them as well. It’s really rewarding.


When you first come to Connection you don't really appreciate the difference it makes but after a while you realise it's a safe place


I would love to become a pastry chef, that is my goal. I have moved in with a friend and have a comfortable room and can use the gym at the hotel which is fantastic.