We’re at the start of our advocacy journey but we’ve got big ideas and have achieved a lot. Discover more below.

Policy and advocacy campaigning

To end homelessness for good, we need to address the systemic issues that result in people becoming homeless and then not getting the support they need.

Homelessness is preventable, and with the right policies and support in place, no one should be in this position.

The Connection at St. Martin’s give a voice to the people we support so that those in power listen.

We are determined to use our unique position in Westminster and expertise to fight against homelessness and call for the policy changes we know would help people to avoid and escape homelessness.

We work with partners in the charity sector, talk to people with lived experience and build relationships with those in power to make changes, to see where we can make a difference.

As part of this, we sit on the advisory group of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Ending Homelessness, and are part of the Inequalities in Health Alliance and Joseph Rowntree Trust Anti-Poverty Coalition.

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Improving access to addiction treatment

We surveyed the people we support to find out what they were struggling with most. The results need to be addressed.

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Many people are extremely vulnerable in Westminster but are not being offered appropriate support that can help break the cycles of addiction and rough sleeping. They deserve better.

The Connection is working to explore the treatment options available for these people, and the barriers to access they face. We will be testing new approaches to strengthen evidence on what works, and advocating for better availability of support.

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Five Policy Changes That Would Radically Combat Homelessness

The Connection has conducted a wide-ranging consultation with all of our service teams to find the barriers they face in supporting people out of homelessness.

We’ve taken people’s experiences into consideration and designed five policies which could lead to meaningful, long-term and significant change for people sleeping rough.

You can find the full report here.

We propose the following which will guide our advocacy work:

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1. Increase the availability of quality accommodation with more support for people to access and sustain tenancy

2. Improve access to mental health and addiction services to tackle the underlying causes of homelessness

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3. Improve the administration of benefits so it does not hinder people’s ability to avoid or escape homelessness

4. Make benefit levels, wages and the reliability of working hours sufficient for people to afford rent, along with more affordable rent levels

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5. Reform reconnection and resettlement through a national framework to represent viable options for people to escape homelessness