About homelessness

What are the Facts about Homelessness?

What is Homelessness?

What types of homelessness are there and how many people are homeless?

What causes homelessness and rough sleeping?

What is The Connection doing to make a brighter future?

The facts on homelessness may look overwhelming and it’s clear a lot of work needs to be done. But we’ve been here supporting people sleeping rough for over 100 years and we’re not going anytime soon.

The Connection is a London homeless charity which operates a day centre just opposite Charing Cross station to provide shelter away from hectic London streets. We open our door to the most vulnerable for whatever they need from a fresh shower and space to nap to job opportunities and a place to call home.

We support people sleeping rough in the heart of London, helping them to recover and find their way off the streets. Our team get to know every person we work with.

We go the extra mile to understand their needs and hopes for the future, and to find creative solutions. Learn more here.

Together, we can reverse the facts on homelessness: help us make London a city where no one sleeps rough on our streets.

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