Skills and Opportunities

Employability at The Connection

Studies show that economic independence through employment is the most effective and sustained route out of homelessness. This route may not be suitable for everyone we support but for those who are able, it can provide a great lifeline.

It encourages independence, rather than dependence on services and together with other interventions can bring about permanent change.

This is central to our work as it enable the people we work with to ‘take the lead’ on their recovery while we’re with them every step. It also lowers the burden on society as staying on benefits, remaining in unstable accommodation and using a wide range of support services is costly.

workshop with Old Spike
People we support can access barista training with our partner Old Spike

Access to education, training and employment opportunities has a very positive effect on a person’s wellbeing beyond simply focussing on an employment outcome.

It really boosts people’s self-esteem and self-respect, and has a positive ‘knock-on’ effect on health and housing as there may be opportunities to interact with non-homeless people, have new experiences and strengthen and widen social networks.

People who are ready to engage in work-related activities can be referred to the Skills and Opportunities Coordinator to access the following services:

- 1-2-1 Information Advice and Guidance: employment, careers, training and volunteering
- CV writing, job search and post-employment support
- Employability-focussed training and workshops
- Work placements & external volunteering opportunities 
- Access to specific training opportunities
- Direct links to live vacancies with employers 
- Interview/work clothing (including safety boots, hard hats, kitchen shoes and   clothes)
- Travel support when starting work
- Mobile phones and top-up for employment/training purposes, i.e. when they start applying for jobs or have been accepted on a training course.
- Access to (small) grants/bursaries for work/training related activities

Workshops, Drop-in Sessions and other Activities

The people we support benefit greatly from the knowledge and skills they gain through workshops and other work-related, volunteering and training opportunities.

We have paired up with organisations and other partners to run workshops on introduction to hospitality and barista training, volunteering opportunities, access to other specialist training and work placements, behind-the-scenes visits. These activities all play an important role in helping people find work.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss what you can offer to support us.