Studies show that economic independence through employment is the most effective and sustained route out of homelessness.

It encourages independence, rather than dependence on services and together with other interventions can bring about permanent change. It also lowers the burden on society as staying on benefits, remaining in unstable accommodation and using a wide range of support services is costly.

Engagement with our education, training and employment (ETE) service has a very positive effect on a person’s wellbeing beyond simply focussing on an employment outcome. It really boosts people’s self-esteem and self-respect, and has a positive ‘knock-on’ effect on health and housing as there may be opportunities to interact with non-homeless people, have new experiences and strengthen and widen social networks.

Our ETE service, Workspace, aims to provide a comprehensive training and employment support service to around 700 homeless people in 2018/19. It is delivered 5 days a week from our fully equipped education and training suite in our Day Centre off Trafalgar Square by a team of qualified vocational guidance workers, trainers and employment support workers. It is accredited by MATRIX, the Institute of Advice and Guidance quality kite mark for guidance workers.

In 2018/19, outcomes for our clients will include:

  • Information, advice and guidance about internal and external volunteering given to 60 clients
  • 35 clients taking part in voluntary placements
  • Employability workshops for 50 clients
  • 150 clients referred into relevant training opportunities incl in-house ECDL/eDCC course
  • 30 clients to take part in external training and education on referral
  • 10 paid work placements brokered with external partners across the year
  • 300 clients provided with specialist careers and employment advice
  • CV advice for 150 clients
  • Help with job search for 220 clients
  • 300 interviews attended
  • 110 jobs secured

Our clients benefit greatly from your employees’ knowledge and skills. Workshops can be themed; from helping people to build CVs and develop presentation skills, through to financial planning, they play an important role in helping people find work.

Work Placements
Similarly, if you are able to offer work placements to our clients, you will be giving them a huge first step onto the ladder – in the past our clients have enjoyed successful placements with John Lewis and Coutts, to name but two.