Housing and Resettlement

A hand opening a red door
Helping people to access accommodation is a very important part of what we do

Providing help and support to access housing

The Housing & Resettlement team works intensively with clients to identify and follow an action plan to provide support and end their homelessness. These clients, who often have multiple and complex needs, are identified during the initial assessment process and referred to the team for more detailed assessments.

The team provides a wide range of services to help people find accommodation and maintain themselves there, including:

• Referrals into accommodation, including supported housing and the private rented sector

• Advocating on behalf of the client to make sure they receive the support to which they are entitled

• Linking clients to relevant services like GP practices, mental health support or for benefits or legal advice

• Travel support for clients to attend appointments for accommodation, jobs or training, for medical or legal help, or to reconnect with family and friends

• Supporting clients to access our other services, such as the migration team and our recovery and opportunities activities

• Helping clients settle into accommodation by providing basic necessities like bedding and kitchen equipment, providing vouchers and/ or supporting them to complete grant applications.

Helping people back home…

A significant part of the team’s work involves helping people, where possible, back into accommodation or services in their home area. This can help clients to preserve local connections and friendships and reduce the risk of further exclusion or isolation. It is also easier for a client to access specialist services in their local area than in one where they have no previous links.

We provide travel costs to enable people return to their home area, where they may have accommodation still available to them or where they can return to family or friends. If this is not possible we assist by liaising with local services, arranging appointments for clients and accompanying them where possible.

Mental health support

The team also provides mental health support, and employs two specialist mental health leads. The mental health team work with people who experience mild to severe forms of mental distress.

We help clients by utilising their skills and experience to enable people to articulate their needs whilst recognising their strengths. We help people to build their resilience and understand the options available to them, such as treatment and services, and helping them to find ways to self-manage their mental health through the counsellor and some of the support groups we have here, such as mindfulness and our spiritual space.

Advice Quality Standard

The Housing and Resettlement team are accredited by Advice Quality Standard (AQS), an audited standard that focuses on advice giving.

They are audited every two years (most recently in December 2020) to demonstrate that their service is accessible, effectively managed, and that their staff have the skills and knowledge to meet the needs of their clients.