Leaving a Legacy

Are you or a loved one looking to leave a legacy in your Will? This is one of the most significant and meaningful contributions you can make to our work.

Writing a Will

Writing a Will is a powerful thing: it allows you to take care of your family and friends, to make sure your wishes are carried out and it is a chance to give to causes and charities which you care about. Gifts in Wills are a vital part of enabling us to continue the work we do to help people recover from homelessness.

We understand that when you are writing a Will, your family and loved ones will be your first priority. Once you have provided for those closest to you, you may consider including a gift to The Connection that could one day transform people’s lives in the years to come.

Please note, we cannot provide legal advice, and recommend that you seek advice from a solicitor who will be able to advise you on all aspects of leaving a legacy to The Connection at St Martin’s.

Notifying us of your Gift

We understand that your Will is a private document and we would never ask you to disclose the contents to us. However, if you would like to notify us we always do like to show our gratitude. By telling us of your intention to leave a gift, we can thank you for thinking of us in your lifetime

If you would like to discuss legacies further with a member of our fundraising team please email Taiana De Ruyck Soares Taiana.DeRuyckSoares@cstm.org.uk, fundraising@cstm.org.uk or telephone us on 020 7766 5555 (office hours 9am- 17:00 Monday – Friday).

You can also write to us at: Fundraising Department The Connection at St Martin’s 12 Adelaide Street London WC2N 4HW

Information for executors

If you are executing an estate you can reach us using the contact details above. If you make payment through our online donate page, please do let us know this is a legacy gift so this can be correctly administrated.