What we achieved in 2023

Man handing out food. achieved in 2023
With the UK seeing a sharp rise in homelessness, 2023 was a busy year for us. Here's a recap on what we've achieved.

It’s been a tough year for all of us, especially those who find themselves sleeping rough.

But we often find the people we support are made of stronger stuff and by sticking together, we’ve worked with many in overcoming the barriers they face in finding a home.

Here’s what we achieved in 2023:

statistics highlighting what we achieved in our work for people sleeping rough in 2023. This includes supporting over 1000 people across the year.

To learn more about our achievements in the last year, tap here.

But of course, what we do means more than numbers can show. 

Everything we do is centered around people and their goals for the future. We stick with them until they’re ready to move on in their journey home, whatever home means to them. 

Take Aleksander for example. 

Last year, we built a close relationship with Aleksander and encouraged him to seek support for his drinking addiction with our partners at Turning Point.

man looking at viewer smiling

After some patience and kindness he began thriving in recovery and is now in a flat of his own. No statistic could explain the joy on his face as he walked into his home for the first time.

Aleksander may only be one person, but his journey home is something we’re very proud to have achieved by his side.

It’s these successes that encourage us to keep going and be there for other people like Aleksander. No one is beyond help and by listening to people, we can make a real difference in their life. 

Bigger and better things are coming…

We have some big plans for 2024 and we hope you’ll join us on our journey in ending rough sleeping in London for good.

Look out for more details on our latest projects and how they’re making a real difference for the people we work with.

Thank you again for all your support in 2023. We know it’s been a challenging year and we hope 2024 is better for everyone.

With your support, we know a brighter future is possible.