Myra's story poster featuring Fíonna Hewitt-Twamley
Myra’s Story is playing the slots when Jersey Boys isn’t performing. Jersey Boys will continue its hugely successful run at Trafalgar Theatre.

The 5-star smash hit one-woman show, Myra’s Story, held its press night at Trafalgar Theatre in London this week.

Starring Irish actor Fíonna Hewitt-Twamley in the title role, Myra’s Story is about homelessness and addiction and is told in a way that is humorous, heartfelt, and entertaining.

As part of its London run, Trafalgar Theatres has partnered with homeless charity, The Connection at St Martin-in-the-Fields, to raise much needed funds and awareness.

The evening was also attended by the playwright Brian Foster, and Pam Orchard, CEO of The Connection.

Following the performance, Fíonna, Brian and Pam took part in a special Q&A to discuss the plight of homelessness, the work of The Connection and the origins of the play.

Myra’s Story will play Tuesday Evenings and Wednesday Matinees until 18 October.

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When Irish playwright Brian Foster ignored a homeless woman begging in the street, the sense of guilt he felt afterwards compelled him to sit down and write his most successful play.

Middle-aged, homeless alcoholic Myra McLaughlin lives rough on the streets of Dublin. While begging from passers-by, Myra recreates her rollercoaster backstory.

Playing all the characters, acting out all the hilarious/tragic/heartbreaking events in her life that have taken her to this pitiful state.

You’ll laugh with Myra. You’ll cry with Myra. What you’ll never do … is forget Myra.

Starring Irish actor Fíonna Hewitt-Twamley in the title role, Myra’s Story is a must-see production with an abundance of heart and humour.

Trafalgar Theatres CEO, Helen Enright, who saw the play whilst on a recent trip to Glasgow, said:

When I first saw Myra’s Story in Trafalgar’s Pavilion Theatre Glasgow, I was completely captivated by it like the rest of the audience. It makes you laugh and at the same time is heartbreaking, highlighting the challenges that homeless people face each day. It made me realise that, like Myra, each one of them has their own story. I defy anyone who sees Myra’s Story to think of homeless people in the same way ever again.

“The Trafalgar team felt this story needed to be told to a wider audience and I’m delighted that we’re able to tell Myra’s Story at one of our theatres this autumn. It’s particularly poignant to stage Myra’s Story in London’s Trafalgar Theatre, in Westminster, the homeless capital of the UK.”

The plight of homelessness is very topical right now with Prince William highlighting the isolation, prejudice and stigma surrounding homelessness faced by so many across the UK. Myra’s Story helps raise awareness of homelessness and addiction in a way that is humorous, heartfelt, and entertaining.

During the West End run, Trafalgar Theatres will be working with Westminster-based homeless charity, The Connection at St. Martin’s, to raise much needed funds for their essential work in eradicating rough sleeping in London.

Helen added, “Myra’s Story needs to be heard and we at Trafalgar Entertainment also want to help in any way we can, so we’ve partnered with The Connection to help raise funds through collections during the play’s run at the Trafalgar Theatre.”

The Connection’s CEO Pam Orchard said:

“We are delighted to be working with Trafalgar Entertainment who will help raise awareness of the work our charity does to help with homelessness in London. Our women’s rough sleeping census in October 2022 showed how women can be particularly vulnerable on the streets. We provide a vital safe space for women experiencing homelessness in our centre, giving them the help they need to find a place to call home.”

Pam speaking at a post-show Q&A
Pam Orchard, CEO of The Connection, speaking at a post-show Q&A

How did Myra’s Story’s begin?

Brian Foster explains the origins of the play:

“Some years back I was down in Dublin on business. As I crossed Ha’penny Bridge I spotted, ahead of me, a woman sat on a piece of cardboard, begging. I hurried past her, pretending to talk into my mobile. Back home in Derry I couldn’t get that tragic lady’s face out of my head. And the sense of guilt I felt for ignoring her made me sit down and begin writing. A month later I had completed the first draft of the play.”

He added, “Although set in Dublin, the story could take place in any town, in any city, worldwide, the twin evils of homelessness and addiction being universal. Audiences can relate to the damaged character they see up on stage. Myra is their sister, their brother, their mother their father. Myra is any one of them … any one of us … there but for the grace.”

Speaking about the play transferring to the West End, Brian said:

“I’m thrilled that Myra’s Story will now speak to a whole new audience in London, and I’d like to thank Helen and her team for this wonderful opportunity.”

Tickets for Myra’s Story at Trafalgar Theatre are available here

Myra's story poster featuring star of show. Click here for tickets.

Photo credit: Piers Allardyce