Working in the Homelessness Sector

Two woman at The Connection - working in homelessness
There are always new people to connect with in our line of work

Working in the homeless sector can be highly rewarding. Whatever role you work in, from outreach to fundraising, you’ll make a real difference.

As well as supporting people experiencing homelessness, your work could lead to career growth and progression across the sector.

Find out more about how to start working in homelessness and what’s involved below.

How do I join the homelessness sector?

People working in the homelessness sector come from a variety of backgrounds. While experience in the sector is useful, it isn’t always needed to work in homelessness. Depending on your role, there will be many transferable skills you can use to sell yourself in the application process.

For example, frontline workers will need to be sociable, caring and understanding towards the people they support. These traits can be difficult to teach and so are valued in the sector.

Lived experience of homelessness is also a greatly desired trait but isn’t required for most roles. As Ros, our Intensive Support Manager, put it:

“We’re experts because of the experience we have of using services. Loads of people have years and years of professional experience, but it cannot replicate what it’s like to have to use a service like this.”

Whatever role you are interested in or past experiences, having a positive attitude, good attention to detail and a drive to help others are vital assets.

What does an average day working in the homelessness sector look like?

This is a tricky question to answer.

Factors like where you work, what your role is and your level of seniority in the organisation can impact your day-to-day work.

One consistent thing is that no two days are the same in the homelessness sector.

Speaking as a Marketer, I could be creating social media posts one day and meeting with people sleeping rough the next to film our workshops.

And there’s always lots of important work to be done to make lasting changes to people’s lives.

Jamie, for example, has been working with Sebastian to help him recover from addiction and life on the streets.

By really getting to know him, prioritising his concerns and never assuming Sebastian’s needs, Jamie has been able to form a close relationship with him.

Sebastian and Jamie - working in homelessness.

Thanks to Jamie and Sebastian’s hard work Sebastian is now in accommodation and is making great strides in his recovery. Discover Sebastian’s full story here.

Whatever your job in homelessness involves, centring the people we work with will be key. Their needs are always our priority.

What roles do you have available?

If the above sounds like the perfect place for you, we’d be happy to hear from you.

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