Streetlink can be a lifeline to people sleeping rough. But what is it and how does it work?

If you want to contact Streetlink for yourself or someone you see:

Visit their website

What is Streetlink?

Streetlink is a service that allows people to send an alert when they see someone sleeping rough, or if they are facing homelessness on the streets, to contact local support services, like The Connection at St. Martin’s.

It is not an outreach service or a source of accommodation. It connects people sleeping rough and local homelessness services to get people off the streets quickly.

How does Streetlink work?

Using Streetlink is simple just chat, log in and alert!

how does Streetlink work? graphics highlighting the streetlink process - just chat to the person you're reporting first to check they are ok with using streetlink, visit their website. enter the person's details and location

Click here to use Streetlink today.

Why is The Connection involved?

Our day time Street Engagement Team provides a proactive response to rough sleeping in Westminster, which has the highest number of people sleeping rough in England.

Where we go in our outreach services is guided by referrals we receive from the local community and our own knowledge of rough sleeping across the borough.

During shifts, Advisors identify and engage with people who are new to the streets, as well as checking in on people we already know.

Once we’ve engaged with people, we work to help them resolve their homelessness through a range of different support services – such as mental health or substance use treatment – to encourage them to move away from a life on the streets.

Our Advisors take time to carefully establish and develop trusting relationships with people on the street – where we find them. We focus on their priorities, not our own, and work at their pace.

You can find out more here.

How Can I Help?

By donating to The Connection, you can help fund our Outreach Team to please sure someone is always available to people sleeping rough once we’ve been contacted.