Vision, Mission & Values


London, like many cities across the world, is an exciting and stimulating place to be. However, for some, its streets are a place to go when things have gone profoundly wrong and there is nowhere else.

When people are on the edge, rough sleeping, isolated and in despair there must be a place to turn. The Connection is there to be with people as they overcome their problems, recover and move on to a meaningful, fulfilling life.

However, this is not enough. The experiences of people on the edge matter. Their story must be told to those in a position of power and influence, so that rough sleeping is not an accepted feature of life in the UK.


The Connection empowers people who are pushed to the edge, to move away from the streets for good by:
• Supporting people to recognise their own strengths, recover from crisis and move away from rough sleeping for good;
• Working with other specialist services to ensure that everyone receives the right support at the right time;
• Giving a voice to people we support and sharing their experiences with those in power, to create the changes we need to build a society where nobody is forced to sleep rough.


We work with not for people, starting with their strengths, talents and ability to shape their own future. We value healthy relationships and open communication. We believe that with the right support, people can find a future that’s better than the present.

We provide an accessible environment and celebrate diversity. We are open for those who have been excluded from everywhere else.

We are always learning, sharing our experiences and collaborating with others to ensure we understand emerging needs and maximise our opportunities. We engage with our clients help to develop, deliver and evaluate our work.

We hold realistic expectations about ourselves, one another, our clients and our partners. We acknowledge both positive and negative experiences compassionately and without pre-judgement.

We go the extra mile to address need. We challenge decisions that adversely affect people on the edge. We pioneer new approaches to address homelessness and its underlying causes. We do not walk away from people when they don’t evidence the outcomes we want or expect.