Every year over 500 people add immense value to The Connection’s services by volunteering their time.

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All volunteers at The Connection at St Martin’s will have access to training and support and if you are unwaged your travel expenses will be paid.

Please note, we require a minimum six month commitment for most of our volunteering positions. For more information or to apply for any roles please contact Lance Kuhn, Volunteer Manager, on lance.kuhn@cstm.org.uk or 020 7925 7893.

Outreach Volunteers – Street Engagement Team (SET)

The Street Engagement Team works to identify and help people sleeping and living on the streets in the City of Westminster. They provide help with immediate needs by offering rough sleepers a place to stay (the night centre) while they assess individuals for further needs. SET aims to offer every individual they assess an appropriate route off the streets, as well as support around substance misuse, mental health, physical health etc and more. The team operates between Monday and Friday, 7am -7pm.

Volunteers are critical to help back up the work of the SET, especially during periods of extreme weather when there is greater urgency to ensure the team get to as many people as possible.

We currently require volunteers to be part of our volunteer bank and respond to ad hoc emails that request cover – this may be due to staff absence or increased shifts during extreme weather. You will accompany an Outreach Worker for 2 -3 hour shifts. Current shifts usually start at either 10am or 2pm, Monday – Friday, although this may be subject to change in the future.

Support, training and a full induction will be provided. A minimum of 3 months experience of volunteering in another role within The Connection or another homeless organisation where a reference can be provided would be advantageous.

Please get in touch with our Volunteer Coordinator should you require further information.

Page last updated 10.01.2020.

For more information about what it’s like to volunteer with us watch this short film.