Donate a Gift

The Connection's laundry washes people's clothes, so they can keep items which are special to them in clean condition

Thank you very much for thinking of The Connection for your donation of gifts-in-kind.

The Connection has expanded our range of services that help homeless people to recover from homelessness and move on to a brighter future. As a result, there is now less storage space for gifts-in-kind. This means that, unfortunately, we are only able to accept a very limited range of donations.

We do not currently need any donations of clothing or toiletries, as thanks to the wonderful generosity of our supporters, our storage is now full! Thank you.

You can still help by donating…

  • Retail Vouchers.
  • These give our clients the choice and control to buy the items that they really want and need. The best vouchers to donate are Primark / Boots / Tesco / Argos in denominations of £5 and £10.

  • Fresh Fruit.
  • It is important to keep our clients healthy, and fruits contain important vitamins, minerals and plant chemicals. They also contain fibre. These lower the risk of many health problems. You can safeguard people’s health by regularly donating fresh fruit to be given out in the centre.

    We need 60 pieces of fruit every single day. Bananas are most popular, followed by oranges and apples.

  • Tea & Coffee.
  • We are in constant need of donations of tea and coffee in large volumes! A cup of tea or coffee is comforting, warming and energising. Keep our clients going by regularly donating tea and coffee.

  • Dried Goods.
  • Help to keep our kitchen cupboard stocked by donating:

    1. sugar
    2. pasta (penne in particular)
    3. baked beans
    4. tinned tomatoes
    5. tinned tuna
    6. tinned chickpeas
    7. tinned kidney beans

Thank you for supporting homeless people.

If you have other items to donate that are not on the list above, there are many other charities that are also helping homeless people – you could donate to:
St Mungo’s
Salvation Army