During the Covid-19 pandemic we need your support more than ever. Our teams have been working hard to support our clients into temporary accommodation. We are currently providing food for 350 people across Westminster.

Rough sleepers are particularly vulnerable at this time as they often have long-term conditions and poor physical health which means that they are at a greater risk should they become ill. For those without a home, it is also very difficult to self-isolate.

Because of this, we have been working around the clock to help secure suitable accommodation for homeless people to help them to self-isolate and stay safe and well. So far, over 350 people in Westminster have been helped into hotels. We are also preparing and delivering three meals a day, and delivering essentials like medication and toiletries.

Please help us to continue this life-saving work today – every single contribution makes a difference.

£7 is the equivalent of gifting a food package to one of our self isolating clients

£20 is the equivalent of starting a virtual support journey and providing a mobile phone so we can keep in touch with our clients during the pandemic

£40 is the equivalent of supporting a nights sleep in temporary accommodation

£75 is the equivalent of supporting someone’s physical and mental health with specialist sessions

£100 is the equivalent of building long term support

£200 is the equivalent of supporting someone into employment, so they can leave the streets behind for good

If you would like to set up a regular gift you can do so here to help make a difference to the lives of homeless people in London.

To support the St Martin-in-the-Fields Emergency Appeal #KeepOurDoorsOpen please click here.

If you would like to make a one-off donation you can do so here:

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Donating by phone and post

You can donate over the phone by calling our fundraising team on 020 7766 5555.

You can also pay by cheque – please make it payable to The Connection at St Martin’s and send to:
Finance team
The Connection at St Martin’s
12 Adelaide Street

We do not and will never share your information with other charities, with the exception of our sister charities The Friends of The Connection and St Martin-in-the-Fields Charity. Please click here for details on how we will and won’t use your information.