Your donation will provide the gift of hope this Christmas to someone homeless so they have the opportunity to recover their life and start living again. Your support is essential so we can continue helping approximately 4,000 street homeless people a year move away from, and stay off the streets. Every single contribution makes a difference.

£5 buys a shower, hot meal and clothes cleaned

£25 buys an in-depth assessment to understand what’s happened & how we can help

£40 buys a safe night’s sleep in our Night Centre

£45 pays for art therapy for 20 homeless people

£75 supports someone’s physical and mental health with specialist sessions

£200 supports someone into employment, so they can leave the streets behind for good

If you would like to set up a regular gift you can do so here to help make a difference to the lives of homeless people in London.

We do not and will never share your information with other charities, with the exception of our sister charities The Friends of The Connection and St Martin-in-the-Fields Charity. Please click here for details on how we will and won’t use your information.