Host Your Own Event

Ai and homelessness graphics
As AI becomes more common in everyday life we want to know how it could help people facing homelessness.

Fundraising Ideas

First things first, you’ll need to decide what kind of fundraising event you’d like to do!

A great way to fundraise is to get others involved, so make sure that you consider all the different ways to communicate with others. You could do a small event in your back garden, or a virtual event using your phone or video software!

Whatever you do make sure you’re keeping safe, and we’d recommend checking out the most recent Government Guidelines.

If you’re unsure of what to do, take a look at our virtual fundraising ideas. You can also get in touch with us for more help and advice at

Plan and Go!

After deciding on your fundraising activity, date and time, you’ll need to work out the best way for people to donate money, usually this is online.

Whether it’s a quiz online, or garden party at home make sure that you think about every stage and plan well. It’s important to launch your fundraising page with enough time to promote the virtual event. Also, you will need lots of pictures and videos to rally up support so make sure your phone is at the ready!

Shout about it!

Spread the word about your amazing virtual fundraising event on social media. Share a link to your fundraising page on as many communication tools as possible where you have an audience such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Livestreaming your activity is a great way to boost donations. If you let people know when they can tune in, you can talk to your audience and encourage donations in real time. It also gives your friends and family something to look forward to watching. Take a look at our guide to setting up a live stream.

If you’re hosting your own outdoor event, send your invites early and make sure to remind and check up on all of your RSVPS!
Let people know why you’ve chosen to support The Connection. Provide regular updates, and make sure you tweet @homelesslondon and like us on Facebook on ConnectionAtStMartins

Paying in

It’s important to make sure that the funds you raise are safely paid in. If you’re raising the money via an online fundraising page, such as JustGiving, the money will come directly to us.

Alternatively, you can find out other ways to pay in on our donation page.donation page.

Saying thank you and well done!

Don’t forget to thank all your wonderful supporters for their donations and thank anyone who helped organise and promote your activity.
The final step – congratulate yourself on all your hard work! The money you raise will help us continue our work during this very critical time.

If you’re hosting your own event check out our Community Terms and Conditions on how to keep your event safe & legal