Meet Marina

For most people finding work is tough – it’s competitive out there! But if you’ve experienced homelessness it can be even harder.

Our Enterprise & Employment team work with people every morning, drawing on people’s strengths so they can find a job which is right for them.

The service isn’t just about work though. It also supports people into relevant training, or courses and volunteering as being involved and meaningfully occupied is key for improving mental health and well-being.

Marina works as one of our Enterprise & Employment Advisors. Here, she tells us more about her role…
Our drop in morning sessions are usually lively and varied and we see an average of twenty clients a day, which can go up to about thirty!

We are usually kept on our toes and we deal with all sort of queries such as: “how do I apply for a National Insurance Number?”; “can you help me apply for a job I’ve seen advertised?”; “I need a pair of safety boots to take up a job offer in construction!”; “Where can I find classes to improve my English or computer skills?”.

Are there any challenges that come with the role?
“My day can be challenging and in equal measure rewarding: many of our clients live with difficult realities and their frustration can sometime spill over – it is not personal, I know, but I am human just like everyone else and I have to carefully control my response to difficult situations. On the other hand, there’s a lot of personal satisfaction when clients seek your opinion and put their trust in your skills and expertise – this is when the best results are achieved and it is great when a client says “I have a job because you lot helped me, thanks!”

Finally, tell us what you enjoy about your job?
“I like the ‘element of surprise’ that comes with running a drop-in centre, you literally never know who will come through the doors and what challenges they will throw at you… hardly ever a dull day in the office!”