Migration and Homelessness -The Facts

migration and homelessness

A quick search through Twitter and newsites will paint an awful picture of migration and homelessness.

These harmful myths do more that spread misinformation and ‘fake news’: they create an environment where people most in need of support feel dismissed and uncared for.

Learn with us as we share the facts around migration and homelessness to figure out what’s really going on.

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1) Coming to London for support makes sense (at least in the moment)

Many of our clients come to us from across the world in hopes of finally receiving the help they need. This could lead to many spending their entire savings on the journey to the UK.

Additionally, many migrants aren’t aware that they will face homelessness once they reach the UK as they have been misinformed. More shockingly, some of our clients have come to the UK knowing the risks of homelessness but feeling this could be safer than their other options.

2) There’s room for everyone

Migration and homelessness have long been underfunded in many instances to be suitably addressed. Some use migrates as scapegoats to blame for the lack of resources available however, this is untrue.

The vast majority support available to people sleeping rough is aimed at UK-nationals. This makes it increasingly difficult for non-uk nationals to find support, especially if they face additional complex needs such as visa issues or poor mental health due to past traumas.

So while there is room for everyone, more space needs to be created to suit everyone’s needs, rather than to turn people away.

3) You can help end migration and homelessness

The situation looks bleak for those facing migration and homelessness but while others turn away, we’re here to help.

We have a dedicated migration team who supported over 80 clients in the last 3 months alone.

Donate today to support this and all our other work. It could change a life.

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