A Chance To Flourish – Our Garden Project Blooms With The Help Of Our Clients

Photo of our gardening project
Our Courtyard Garden

A massive thank you to our clients Tim, Adam and everyone else who helped us put the finishing touchings on to our gardening project with St-Martin-In-The-Field!

We’re excited to share that the garden is now ready for visitors to relax away from the loud (often too loud) streets of central London. We hope that this acts as a safe space for all and can bring a sense of community to Westminster.

The Garden is maintained by our clients and staff as part of our recovery programme.This allows people to enter a safe space when they can be themselves while learning a new skill. We’re excited to see where this gardening opportunity leads for our clients and hope to welcome you in soon!

Our Clients and Staff Tidying up our Garden Project

Love Gardening? Got Green Thumbs?

If you’d like to get involved with our garden project, visit get in touch with us or phone call to learn more. We can’t wait to welcome you!

To see more of our clients enjoying the warm weather while gardening click here and be sure to follow us on social media for updates.