The Community team

Our Community team brings together recovery groups and activities, skills and opportunities interventions and pathways, client involvement and volunteering across The Connection.

This is all to support our clients in their recovery from homelessness and sleeping rough.

Recovery Homelessness Programme:

We offer a programme of groups and activities focus on supporting people in their recovery and moving them towards social and community integration. These include gardening, mindfulness, talking groups and creative writing.

Skills & Opportunities:

We provide a range of activities to suit each person’s interests and goals for the future. This includes training, volunteering and social groups which aim to improve access to work – moving people towards integrating in the Community.

Client Involvement:

There are a range of opportunities for clients to be involved in the design, review and delivery of The Connection’s services. We believe in co-producing our services and listening to our clients’ voice at every stage of this process.

client meeting- recovery from homelessness

We recognise the value and expertise the people we work with – our clients – can bring to The Connection. This is why we have adopted co-production – including clients in the design, delivery and evaluation of our services – as a fundamental part of our service delivery.


A volunteer programme providing regular or one off opportunities to community and corporate volunteers.

We will also have drop in volunteering opportunities within our services for our clients to get involved with.