Event: Connection Quiz!

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Get your friends together for a quiz night!

By taking part in The Connection Quiz, it is a great way to gather people together, have a laugh and all in the knowledge that you will be supporting an amazing cause.

While our quiz is free to download, please consider making a donation. Our suggested donation is £5, this could enable someone experiencing homelessness the opportunity to have a warm shower, hot meal and have their clothes cleaned, simple things that can be hard when you live on the streets.

Please share our quizzes with friends, family members and colleagues, to spread the word and give others the opportunity to get together!

Keep us posted with how you get on via social media or email!
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Top tips to quizzing success!

– Will you hold your quiz virtually, at home or at a venue?

– For most it will be knowing that they are giving to a good cause and the taking part, however if participants need more of an incentive, could you ask family, friends or a local business for a prize? Or save a small portion of the donations for the winning team!

– Ensure you have a broad range of different rounds to appeal to everyone’s strengths (and weaknesses)! The Connection quiz provides you with 5 different rounds, each focusing on a different topic.

About us:
The Connection have been supporting people sleeping rough to move away from the streets for over 100 years. We get to know each person we work with. Many have been pushed to the edge, and they all have their own challenges to overcome.

Everyone needs to find their own way home, but we go with them every step of the journey. It often starts with a chat, the offer of a coffee and perhaps a hot meal or shower. Simple things that aren’t easy when you are living on the streets. We work with people to recover from the streets so that they can move on to a meaningful, fulfilling and settled life, long into the future.

What difference could you make?
£5 could provide 2 hot meals for someone experiencing homelessness
£25 could fund a full initial assessments for newly homeless people, creating their action plans and giving them access to hot nutritious meals, showers, laundry and GP services.